About Digital Explorers

Digital Explorers is an ICT focused knowledge exchange initiative between Nigeria and Lithuania - two buzzing ICT markets - each different in its own right and therefore a source of valuable expertise to each other.

In a more specific sense it is a 1-year career advancement journey that will take up to 50 Nigerian ICT specialists (developers, digital creatives, biz devs) to Lithuania for a paid employment in selected local ICT companies, and for skills enhancement training in emerging technologies. Besides work placement and training the programme has different components that will also create network building opportunities between Nigerian and Lithuanian ICT professionals (such as meetups, hackathons, business missions, etc.), will promote the reintegration of participants back in Nigeria as well as institutional knowledge exchange between both countries.

Right now we have one new position for Data Scientist. Please apply before 23:59 23rd of April.

Current openings

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